Quote – WEB 200A Indoor Junction Box Stud Type #4314

Typical cost for box £820.00 Ex VAT (This is an industrial box for large industrial / utility projects.)

For domestic requests may we suggest here.

Cables Entering Top/Bottom.

Paint FinishRAL 7035

Ingress Protection: IP66 (See Dimensions)

Typical EnvironmentIndoor

5 Stud 4 Phase and Earth Pass Through

Busbar RatingN/A Stud Type

Stud fixing size : M12 Clearance Hole

Access for cabling: Front

Incoming cablesTop/Bottom

Outgoing cables: Top/Bottom

Labels: (Screwed BZP)

For photographs please visit our dropbox link here. You can then see the various lug configurations available.

Note: The current rating is actually dictated by the current capacity of your lugs. We recommended up to 240mm lugs can be mounted into this box. the current of a 240mm crimp lug is subject to the length of run and the route the cables take. Please look here for more info on current rating. Calulating the volt drop on the cable you are installing is beyond the scope of our works.

Dimensions / IP Rating

Height: 600mm Width: 380mm Depth: 210mm.

Slight positional changed may be occur as assembly dictates. Delivery would be by mail service direct to your premesis or site. Although the IP rating states 66 this is however an indoor enclosure. Theoretically is the ingress protection is sufficient but we cannot guarantee the paintwork in an outdoor situation. Should an outdoor use be required we would suggest a stainless enclosure.

The door is lockable via 2 T bar handles complete with key / lock. Having opened the door the user is faced with a bolted plastic cover. This cover stop an inadvertent touching of the connections. Should a user have unlocked and removed the plastic cover we deem this then being down to the competence of the engineer to have isolated the supply before doing so.


200 Amp Fuse Switch within RAL7035 painted enclosure.

The Problem: You have armoured cables that require jointing / making off in a junction box. Be it cables are too short or you need to splice off to feed another incoming device. This box will allow for cables up to 185mm to be terminated top or bottom of the enclosure. As these are stud terminals lug faces have to sit on top of each other. Being a direct contact connection this makes the joint as efficient as possible.

This particular box has a gland plate at the bottom and a blank top face. The client wished to terminate and armoured cable in top and singles out of the bottom. In this case the gland plate was removed by site engineers and the gland plate holes used to connect directly to trunking. A slot / grommet strip was used to take the singles out of the box.

This is by no means a definitive design. We can change most aspects of the enclosure to fit your needs. It is after all engineering and we know one size does not fit all.

Should you be interested in having us creating a solution then please fill in the form below. We will then contact you shortly.

100A , 200A , 300A , 400A , 500A Junction Box