Quote – WEB 400A Fuse Switch Outdoor Enclosure #4303

Cables Entering Bottom of Unit.

Paint Finish: Stainless

Ingress Protection: IP65 (See Dimensions)

Typical Environment: Normal / Harsh

400V 3ph 4 Wire 50Hz

Busbar Rating: 400+A 3 Pole / Neutral Link

Stud fixing size : M12 Clearance Hole

Breaking Capacity80kA rms fused short circuit capacity.

Access for cabling: Front

Incoming cables: Bottom

Outgoing cables: Bottom

Labels: (Glued)

Outer-Watermark Inner Backplate_InnerGland_Plate


Dimensions / IP Rating

Height: 1200mm Width: 800mm Depth: 400mm.

Slight positional changed may be occur as assembly dictates. Delivery would be by pallet service direct to your premesis or site. Note the original enclosure is rated at IP65. We have fitted gland plates to the base of the unit. This in short means we cannot provide certification for the IP rating. The gasket and manufacturing is such that we ensure the utmost attention to mitigating moisture ingress.  We cannot however guarantee this without sending the unit to an independent test centre.


400 Amp Fuse Switch within stainless steel enclosure.

The Problem: Terminating large 4 Core cables on to a fuse switch. In this case fused at 400 amps with solid neutral link. Normally there is less than adequate space for termination of larger cables. This solution allows for and outdoor enclosure with ample room for you to install.

This particular use case was requested by a client. They had one single 150mm cable / copper lug in the bottom. The top of the switch has x2 150mm cables / copper lugs. The enclosure is adequately sized to allow for termination in the base of the enclosure and up to the bottom of the fuse switch. An aluminium gland plate is fitted and removable. It comes with a weatherproof gasket and stainless fixings.

Inside there is ample space to allow for 2 glands up to 185mm to be routed either side or up one side of the fuse switch. We mount the fuse switch on a plastic backing to allow for crimp lugs to be connected back to back on the fuse switch landing. Should you have more connection than this we can modify accordingly. This design is not carved in stone but an example of what can be produced.

A copper busbar runs horizontally near the base of the enclosure allowing for main earth cables and strap gland cables to be terminated. Just inside the panel an internal panel is fitted. This obscures the fuse switch unit . Having switched the fuse switch to an open position the handle plate can be removed allowing for access to the fuses.

The fuse switch unit comes with shrouding and phase barrier on both incoming and outgoing side. Enclosure corners are fitted with stainless mounting brackets for fitting to wall or framework. Should you wish for a price to include a galvanised framework then please let us know. From time to time a customer wishes to bolt the unit down to a concrete base in an open area. The switchgear used is Dorman Smith. We not only provide these custom boxes but can provide you with both switchgear up to 3200A and BMS systems suitable for enterprise application.

This is by no means a definitive design. We can change most aspects of the enclosure to fit your needs. It is after all engineering and we know one size does not fit all.

Should you be interested in having us creating a solution then please fill in the form below. We will then contact you shortly.