BMS and Building Energy Management

At the heart of a building is a BMS. Always recording, optimising and monitoring plant operation. Save money and the environment with an intelligent building control system.

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Take control of your building. Monitor you energy usage and control any aspect of your building plant. We here at EMC provide building management solutions to Schools, Councils, Local Authorities, Utility Services, Private Clients. Our track record since 1990 has been consistent, always striving to be at the forefront of controls technologies. We have been doing this for so long that sometimes we think it is part of our DNA. It may be that your controls are old and in need of upgrading. It could be that your existing system is too complicated and you feel helpless. Let us take a look and break it down into a simple manageable language without obscure jargon. Did you know we offer preventative maintenance services? We do and for a reasonable fee we can visit your premises and check over the plant for signs of trouble. Need a project tendered for? By all means contact us and we can provide you with a competitive quotation.

Are you deliberating if something is possible? Should you wish to discuss a project then by all means contact us here or give us a call on 01603 625535. We can go ground up or retro fit to an existing controls system.

Protecting your environment.

Our control system protects your buildings environment both at an electrical and mechanical level. Miniature circuit breakers are fitted in order to protect against over current of failing devices. Plant equipment does after all have a finite lifespan be it electrical or mechanical. Actuators on site controlling heating circuits are operated daily and require moving parts. Pumps on heating circuits are run on demand and also have moving parts which are susceptible to failure.

With the installation of protective devices such as the MCB’s, plant can be isolated in a split second should a fault occur. This protects the control panel and also any downstream plant from damage. We offer competitive service contracts for your equipment. An annual service visit would mean us checking over your prone areas of failure to limit the chances of failure. Please contact us for more details.

Secure accessibility is key.

Web Enabled controls are now common place within the sector. The convenience of access to plant control over ethernet has been recognised. It is due to this that we can offer you retro fit or ground up web systems.

Access to plant is via a password protected embedded web server. This server contains graphical pages representing plant and it’s associated status. Time schedules / alarms and logs can be accessed via this device. Due to the fact that this is a web server numerous advantages exist.

Priva Hardware Integration

With the introduction of Priva Blue ID, Priva has set a new standard in the building control market. The combination of reliable hardware and intuitive software helps building managers to get even better performances from their building(s). For the contractor, building manager and user, Priva Blue ID and Top Control 8 open up a new world of possibilities.

EMC are registered installers and programmers of Priva equipment.

Give us a call on 01603 625535 to discuss you present situation be it tendering for a project or converting an existing site.

Schneider Hardware Integration

Ever-increasing and difficult-to-predict energy costs are constantly challenging virtually every type and size of building around the world. Coupled with global and regional economic issues, building management decision makers need innovative solutions to drive down energy costs, improve efficiency, meet corporate sustainability goals, and enhance building value while maintaining a productive and comfortable environment for occupants.

EMC are registered installers and programmers of Schneider equipment.

Your specification your manufacturer.

Do you have a tender that requires a certain manufacturer for your controls project? We can accommodate you with various brands of controls systems.

Our chosen brands are trusted within the building controls industry. Our engineers are all trained and competent at interrogating and configuring BMS systems. The brands are Priva, Scheider, Honeywell, Cylon and Trend. We can offer maintenance or modifications to an existing system. We also can offer ground up design and manufacture of control systems utilising your preferred manufacturer.

Designs for prestigious buildings and projects.

We design and manufacture for consultants who specialise in large domestic projects.

Discrete controls are what we do.

Over the years we have designed and provided controls directly to end users or via consultants. We frequently liaise with consultants in terms of incorporating our controls into a home automation type environment. Smart Integration or Crestron systems have in the past been used to control various elements of the BMS. Our systems can be accessed via a web browser or controlled via digital inputs should you wish.

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EMC is a diverse bunch of people. Yes humans who have different interests. Ranging from I.T, Fishing, Fine Dining and Volunteering the list goes on. We are a medium sized business with a passion for what we do. Not just a flash in the pan but a company you can place your trust in for the future.

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