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The key to good building control is getting the right combination of equipment and expertise. This is where we come in.

Plant room with BMS installation pumps and pipework.

Ever wondered how your buildings temperature is controlled?. Probably not, but it is a good job we love the blooming things. In fact we live and breath controls. Having had 22 years of experience in the industry helps.

We can accommodate any specifics a project requires. Need the plant to be web enabled? No problem we can do it. Need SMS messages upon plant failure? Strike two it isn’t a problem. Need your smalls washed in a hurry? Sorry we can’t help on that but here can.

Joking aside your particular system may only have primary circuit, with single secondary circuit and HWS calorifier. Building for small systems is what we do. Conversely a system may be larger and have a multitude of secondary circuits requiring multiple points of monitoring both in flow / room and outside temperatures. It may also contain Natural ventilation, Rainwater Harvesting or Ground source heat pumps.

“In essence we can provide for an individual or corporation. Scaling is what we do, we can assure you of a professional service throughout a projects cycle.”Simon Rump – Director EMC

Our skilled design engineers can develop your specification into a bespoke solution to your climate control needs.

The example below was for a Suffolk based showground. Having just commissioned and completed this project we have designed and implemented another fine controls solution. This control system integrates Cylon controllers coupled with an Omron plc.

Have a look below at the hall pictures and this will explain a little as to why we needed a plc. In a nutshell the client wished to sub divide the hall by using heavy duty partitions fitted with sensors. 10 areas are covered by omron touch screens. The reason being that all the various combinations may require up to 10 control areas for individual temperature control. Now comes the clever part should the client partition off 1 area that contains 2 touch screens then only one will be active, imagine the amount of combinations within this area and this explains a little better the complexity of the plc logic.

Large conference room controlled by bms controller.

Plant room showing hws cylinder and floor standing enclosure.

Daniel one of our design and commissioning team did a fine job of creating the strategy and ladder logic for this project and from visiting the site it works very well.

Granted the plant in itself is rather simplistic. Just basic inverter controlled supply and extract fans linked to our controllers of course (Cylon in this case). From walking around the hall, temperature is pleasant and constant just as we intended.

Please do feel free to click on the thumbnails below to view the site. As you can see we provide an installation service that is clean, tidy and efficient. We have been installing control panels and external control plant for over 20 years now and with great success. Please contact us should you wish for us to tender for an upcoming project.

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Hall with roof actuators for bms controlled ventilation.

The main hall exhibition area.

supply fan controlled by inverter plus supply and extract damper actuators

A very tidy installation from the team.

Did you know? Biomass Boilers

12 cubic metres of wood chips can produce similar levels of heat to 1000 litres of heating oil. If you replace a coal or electric heating system with biomass you can reduce your carbon dioxide output by around 9.5 tonnes per annum.

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