LV Distribution Switchgear.

Providing LV switchgear building services for your projects needs. Up to 3200A with the ability for MID metering.

vertical feeder distribution busbar system 3200A

electrical engineer working on busbars
Our preferred and trusted supplier of component switchgear is Dorman Smith. A relationship that has been forged over many years of building quality products using Dorman Smiths world class equipment. We also offer other manufacturers please contact us for more information.

Within the depths of your building strong currents are running.

vertical 1600 amp incoming acb with fused switch outgoing devices

Single Column 1600A Incomer with mixed current outgoing fused switches.

Application is everything.

At the heart of a building is power distribution. Granted that small domestic installs will run up to around 100 amps. In this case a dedicated industrial switchboard in not normally necessary. Anything above this and a well constructed compliant switchboard should be installed.

Switchgear Enquiry

Up to 800 amp panel boards and other configurable switchgear can be designed and constructed the modis 12 product line. Above this and the scenario changes somewhat. The best course of action we suggest would be the use of a modis 25 or 32 product. Incoming devices generally range from 1600 to 3200 amps and are typically ACB (Air Circuit Breakers). Choices of ACB type in terms of shunt trip / thermal magnetic are available. Please see here for more information.

air circuit breaker

Incoming ACB 1600A.

busbar supports and angles.

Formed copperwork.

Because we at EMC also excel when it comes to fine control we can offer other more specialised scenarios in terms of supply control.

Take for example a scenario requiring primary and backup secondary supplies. Controls can be put in place that constantly monitor primary voltages. Should those voltages for whatever reason stray outside set predefined parameters then the backup supply could be initiated and closed instantaneously. In this situation it would all happen in a split second the first supply de-energising and mechanically opening and the second backup supply device closing.

The aforementioned scenario could well have a generator on the backup supply. Our system would simply call the generator to run upon primary failure and having established a clean supply bring in the backup supply.

generator socket inlet with auto changeover

Knowledge provides flexibility.

We cannot stress enough how many options you have in terms of fine control and monitoring. A projects requirements may appear on first impressions to be rather complex. But broken down into smaller component parts a logical solution can always be found.

Engineering in all forms requires methodical analysis / planning and execution. Simply hoping something works is never enough in a mission critical environment. We can ascertain what your requirements are and develop a suitable solution for the end user/client..

Loving the work

It helps that our lads love the work. Building the switchgear is a methodical and challenging job. Sequentially approaching projects is key to reaching a final goal that creates a robust and long lasting product for the end user.

Switchgear is the one thing in a building that is taken for granted. Without it how would your electrical equipment function? Although we are always trying as a planet to consume less energy the fact still remains that equipment requires current. Multiply that current many times for end of line devices and the current capacity required increases. Having robust construction and the appropriate protective devices can enable a building to maintain error free power.

assembling an lv switchgear project

Copper vertical riser with torqued m12 fixings.

Quality is our policy.

We check and test our boards before they leave our premises. All bolts are torqued and marked before final plates are fitted. Boards are sequence and flash tested for error before despatch.

Should a board be too large for transport in a single composite unit then we can attend site in order to assist in the positioning and re-connecting. Usually column type parts are shipped individually and re-joined using fish plates.

All boards come with m16 bolt holes for site engineers to fix the unit to the floor. Cable entry can be front or rear access. Mixed configurations are achievable in terms of outgoing devices. Be it MCCB or fused switch devices.

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